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Expats must be fully functional in corporate America before they can worry about being grammatically correct. This puts them in an entirely different category than traditional ESL learners.

America for Expats is different from other English language services because we do much, much more than teach new arrivals the fundamentals of grammar. Our focus is helping students transition successfully – and quickly – into American life and gain confidence in their ability to communicate effectively in English.

Students are introduced to American business life using a multi-disciplinary approach that includes multi-cultural training (“ask an American anything!”) and immediate intervention on prosody and intonation, phonemic awareness, pronunciation, business writing, and conversational English skills.

Once students are stabilized in their new environments, America for Expats provides traditional, textbook-based instructional support.


Our mission is to help foreign nationals and their families succeed and flourish during their assignments in the United States.


Our core values include respect for diversity, a close working relationship and collaboration with clients, and a commitment to share nuances about cultural differences.


Our strategy is mentoring expat employees and their families through the challenging transition to American work and social culture so they can be immediately functional, and enjoy and excel their time in the United States.

We will do this by coaching our clients to:

  • understand and learn the nuances of American business culture
  • develop American social skills
  • improve English fluency
  • write effective emails, PowerPoints and other business communications
  • cope with different multicultural issues

Spouses & Family

We work closely with trailing spouses wanting to acculturate into American society by tutoring them about everyday interactions and challenges with transportation, schools, shopping, doctors and their social environments.

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